The Simple Things

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Continuing the theme of real world entering and the ordinary becomes extraordinary… my nativity advent calendar adds the following:

Day 7: the Palm Tree



Now–you’re probably thinking “ok Sara…you’ve got to be kidding me!” and yes–the first year I had this nativity I thought it was kind of cheesy that they decided to include a palm tree as part of the kit.  I’m sure there’s some truth to finding 25 things they can make small figures out of for a kids’ advent nativity and palm trees were it (there are two FYI.)

But interestingly enough, now the tree reminds me of the two themes this nativity is teaching me.  That Christ came into the real world and made the simple things matter.  Made the every day important.  And that’s pretty comforting.

Translation: no matter where you are in life, no matter what you are doing or what things it entails–God will be there.  Why? – Because everything matters to God.  A palm tree, a donkey, the stones on the path…they all matter.

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