Health report card for the Advent Season

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This last Sunday was the beginning of Advent. November 30.   A deadline/changing point in the calendar for every Christian but also was a guide for my new lifestyle.  And while we all prepare for the coming again of the Christ child, I will sadly say my preparation hasn’t been the best. But things are still working along.

Some things I have learned: do not leave me alone at a buffet. I’m more active then I seem.  I enjoy chinese food too much. Sometimes I’m really lazy. Hormones suck (long story).

Some things I do well:  Acknowledge my faults and my strengths. At least attempt to do the right thing. Love my husband and my puppies.


Well–advent is already here. I have thought of some better things to get me focused. And gotten rid of the things that don’t.  Everyone-just please pray for strength for my back so I can actually work towards exercising and also by the grace of God some weight falls off 🙂

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