Advent Calendar Refreshed

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A few years back while visiting one of the California Mission, I decided to buy a nativity at the Catholic gift shop.  It was an adorable idea–a whole nativity, made of fused clay, walking through the Advent Calendar. Ever since I have purchased it, I love started collecting nativities and really studying what kind of message they interpret of the Christmas story in the image they portray.  So in the mood of the season, I thought I would walk through my Advent Nativity as well as through in some images of the nativities I have around the house.


December 1st: Mary : I do not find it weird or unusual that Mary is the first ti appear in the nativity, not the angel or Joseph.  I think it is a very pleasant view.  It reminds us where the miracle began–with Mary and her devotion to God when she was told she would bare His Son. At first, she probably felt alone.  Young, confused, fully reliant on God yet completely scared of what the future was to bring. So when I begun this nativity with Mary and watch it grow around her, it reminds me that while it is our Lord who this season is about, Mary is still present with us as well.

December 2nd: the Angel: Now it makes complete sense to add the angel as the second figure in the nativity.  The angel told Mary, told Joseph, a choir of angels told the shepherds and the world of the Glory that was to come. I wish this set came with more angel figures…for I feel after Mary & Joseph’s interaction, the angles could not contain themselves in the heavens and began spreading the good news to the world.  But one angel is all I get to remind me of the great events that are to come.



May we remember Mary and the Angel as this advent season begins

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