Word Woche 10.31.14

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In honor of the pending holiday, I decided to look into the word “Halloween.”

Halloween comes from “All Hallow’s Eve” Wikipedia talks about it beginning with the time of the Christian calendar when believers prepared for death.  And while I would love to explain the meaning of the holiday and where it comes from and yada, yada…

But I thought instead I would do something different.

I though I would actually be practical with Halloween.  In the tradition, Halloween was an attempt to scare away the evil spirits with laughter and fun. Dressing up gives a chance for kids to learn that sometimes there’s nothing to fear behind the masks and makeup. It also can teach people to respect death, learn that life is precious, etc.

So embrace halloween, make it fun. And if you don’t like it, well christmas is right around the corner and that’s every reason to celebrate

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