Gym Jitters

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Thursday I finally made it to the gym.  I know–WAY behind the 5x/week goal I set for working out. But with physical therapy I am actually limited to what I can and cannot do at a gym which has delayed my arrival at that sweaty smelly place.  I have learned some things though with physical therapy and working at the gym.  I recommend everyone think about what they’re doing at the gym before going.

So here is what I do:

1) Elliptical–my physical therapist said this is the best for cardio. I typically enter my info (no quick start) and do the weight loss program which is 30 minutes of balanced resistance and uphill.

2) what I used to do is alternate between upper and lower body workouts when I was going regularly. Then I would do sit ups…which is bad for my back. This time I got out the ball, did my ab braces which are not bad for my back. I also did modified planks for my abs. I also did hip flexing cause I’ve been stretching that at physical therapy.

Then I stretch down, relax, sometimes when I was with Shawn we’d go in the pool, spa and heat rooms.

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