Week Two…

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So the last few weeks have been not only one of the busiest times this year but also not the greatest food eating week.  Even right now as I type this I am struggling to keep my eyes open.  When you drive straight from work to physical therapy to rehearsals and meetings…fast food becomes your 20 minute friend and not the greatest eating.

But-instead of thinking how much i’m failing at this organic eating attempt–I realized this was a preparation time, not a hold to dieting time.  I was suppose to be working on getting rid of the junk.  And I’m not the best at that right now… but I’m getting there. I bought more organic options, some of the junk is disappearing through eating and through expiration. Shawn and I have also talked several times about getting a second fridge (small size) to get the extra items out of our main fridge that have a longer shelf life and don’t need a home in our every day space. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later because I’m getting tired of the drawer of chocolate candy.

Anyways, hopefully my mini vacation to Catalina on Wed/Thurs will help clear my mind and let me take a deep breathe.  Then get cracking’ on the exercising and eating right.  I also want to be more in tune spiritually which does require picking up my Bible a little more often and finding the inner strength to get up for an 8am Sunday worship.  Build strength now…

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