New Life-One Week

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October 8th–day my new goals ar done week old. Some things I have noticed:

-I am really busy
-when a doctor prescribes you physical therapy, it’s because something is stiff and it can hurt during exercising.
-not a lot of things my husband likes are organic.
-(something I already knew) weight loss is extremely frustrating when you measure weight daily.

Good news:
I did manage to not eat at McDonald’s this week despite my cravings to play the monopoly game. I also ate out not as frequently.
But my husband and i’s schedule are all over the place and trying to take time, prepare and enjoy a organic, healthy meal.

I already have some things I need to talk to my doctor about in November-this healthy approach/consider all options. And talk about my concerns about my weight and looking into surgery. I have discounted it and reviewed it many times…I just have no time or energy right now for exercising which is helpful for weight loss.


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