The Day is Here!

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Finally–a new day has come. Today is the day that the LORD has made and I am rejoicing!!

October 1st–the day where my mind and being are going to be working towards change.  Today my goal is to go over a little New Testament Greek, work towards exercising as well as trying to eat smaller portions in healthier lifestyles.  It’s not a complete makeover–but its a start to prepare myself for one.

So here is the first thing I committed to today: not eating at McDonald’s.


Now-you may think this is a minor item, but I consider it a reflection of the beginning of this new program.
Not only do I love their fries, but I am a sucker for the monopoly game. Which makes me do exactly what they want-buy more food, just because it has a game piece. Ironically the game this year started September 30th, one day before today. So of course I got my last fry in last night and this morning through away the trash bag WITH THE MONOPOLY PIECES AND GAME BOARD to almost symbolize the throwing away of junk in my life. It felt good, and the breakfast energy bowl I got from jamba juice was a much better choice and filled me up more than a hash-brown and egg mc muffin would.

As for my spiritual journey, I did manage to bring my Biblr to work, the kingdom New Testament by NT Wright which had some language items I want to review in the prologue. The day is not over-and I have learned that sometimes structured time can result in much unwanted stress, which is what I don’t want right now.

So Blessings Be & Here We Go!

One thought on “The Day is Here!

    terrydopson said:
    October 7, 2014 at 23:28

    I’ve been doing little things like this to get my self in the right direction as well. You’re inspiring. Can’t wait to hear about your progress and hopefully I will make progress in my fitness too

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