Cruciformity: Paul’s Narrative Spirituality of the Cross by Michael J. Gorman

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In continuation of good books from seminary, I thought I would bring up one of my favorite authors. I’ve read a couple of his books for new testament and along with the professors who taught the classes (Thank you Dr. Kirk and Dr. Hill)), I learned a lot about Paul’s narrative and how to enjoy the Bible past the Gospel of John.  So here is an interesting read:

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Cruciformity. Now-this is actually a term that Michael J. Gorman uses frequently in at least two of the books I have read that talk about Paul’s Narrative of the Cross and how Jesus’ life, crucifixion, death and resurrection are all wrapped up into this idea of the cross.  Michael Gorman excels are using Paul’s trilogy of “faith, hope and love” as a starting point to explain Paul’s narrative throughout his letters. And it is through this explanation that Gorman takes the reader through different perspectives of the cross–through the Word, its power, love and strength.

Overall–a beautiful book. Though I highly recommend reading his Paul-Apostle to the Crucified Lord book to get an idea of Gorman’s opinions about Paul in full before reading about how he thinks Paul talks about the cross.  Gorman also has a tendency to make several absolute statements that while fit into nice word packages, may not always apply so generally and loosely. Nevertheless–excellent book and highly recommended.

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