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Until go day for new life

So I got to thinking (which is never a good thing), I really want to start my bible reading at the beginning of the church year on November 30. Mostly because there is purpose for advent/preparing. Plus I have some testing I need to work and complete at work.

Therefore, I will be starting on oct 1st prepping for reading and studying in Greek/Hebrew. Since I have already done this with school, it is more for purposes of preparing myself then learning the knowledge. But as in any language, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Some studying might include the following:
1) going through old textbooks and scanning vocabulary
2) reading Biblical text with Greek next to it. This will not be translating, but more of image recognition.
3) reading some commentaries on the section (to help understand the language meaning.)

In addition, I realize I don’t have s goal of time with this portion of my new life. It’s like going to the gym…you need to spend time doing it.

I will be attempting to study 30 minutes each day until it’s habit and then move up to an hour. That will keep my mind and studying going. Of course, like working out, there will be a day of rest. And possibly another day off depending on my schedule.

Well-there’s that. One week to go….


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