Day of Rest; Day of Wonder

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First off–let’s just say WOW! I officially blogged for an entire week. I’m proud of myself. And I appreciate all the likes and comments and compliments from everyone. **blushing**

I decided to take a day of rest as I want to be more cautious of my time. In addition to having it’s benefits physically speaking. Since I play softball Tuesdays that will be my other night off of working out.

Rest is important. If you don’t rest, you wear your body down and it doesn’t have time to rejuvenate to work to help lose weight. Spiritually speaking besides God even resting, we are required to rest. And if you don’t have time for resting, it probably means you need it more. Rest doesn’t mean to turn off your mind…it just means take a break from work, from he everyday to take a breathe.

I also try to attend worship on a day of rest. No excuses in my mind but distance from church and the occasional tired or sick does factor into whether I make it.

I know this might not be the right attitude, but I love worship. Liturgy, prayer, singing & the message. All of it.  And if I’m in tune with all of it, meaning if it works the way its suppose to, I am left breathless. Knowing that God Almighty and has come down and His Spirit breathed through the congregation. I think every service should be like this, but we a fallen reality so…

Well, one week left.
The anticipation is actually getting exciting and I’m looking forward to this! Good luck with my life plan.

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