Closer to the Starting Line

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10 days. One week and a few hours before I begin this new thing. I don’t really know what to call it. The word “diet” breaks my mind set and saying “healthy living style makes it sound like a fad which it is not.

I’m excited, but I’m worried. I want to succeed, but I’m worried I slide again. I’m worried for those that want to support me but either keep silent or bug me like crazy to the point I tell them to shut up. I’m excited because it’s something I want to say I accomplished. I image, going shopping at some trendy store, walk out with a size 12 and not be afraid to cover up because of my size.

Earlier this week I laid out my major goals. But of course long term goals take time. I have a few short term goals :

1) cut down carbs
I am a meat & potatoes kind of girl, but unfortunately carbs contribute to sugar to fat. I don’t believe cutting out carbs is bad, just cut down. And for me–that’s A LOT of cutting. All it takes is a whiff of fresh baking bread and I can not only buy but inhale a loaf of bread. Don’t believe me, ask my husband…I brought home french bread one night and he had to hide it from me.

Right now until October it’s going to be no more baked potatoes, fried things (like fast food hash browns-as the ones in my freezer I bake.) or anything that are large quantities of carbs. Remember oct 1st is go date, nov 30 is the hardcore.

2) pack a lunch
I used to bring a lunch everyday to work. But then when I moved offices, I changed. And el pollo loco became staple along with jack in the box. I enjoy my friends so much and enjoy getting out of the office–two things that I realize have NOTHING to do with eating bad food. It’s most cause I get lazy in the morning & decided not to make it night before. No excuses.
So oct 1st my goal is to have my next day planned for food i eat. All of it.

***Attention friends and family***
This now requires that you contact me AHEAD of the day before to go out. Or at least with the consideration I cannot eat a buffet without notice.

3) eating schedule
I came realize that when and how much you eat are two very important concepts when dieting. What I mean is that when you eat at 11pm at night it affects your metabolism differently than at 7pm at night. Now that my hours are more consistent, I should be able to not eat at odd hours of the day. For my body, physical, mentally and spiritually right time eating is just as important as learning appropriate spiritual disciplines. So oct 1st, no eating after 9:30p…I’d like to make it earlier but sometimes I don’t get home until 10p and need some time to relax with small munchies.

4) curving my sugar
Currently I have been diagnosed with pre diabetes, as my rates are coming close to the line and I have genetics to back it up. I knew one day I’d be hearing this, so I want to work on curving my sugar. Knowing what has a lot, what’s good and bad sugar, and when enough is enough. This requires some learning, like fructose is good but not in mass quantities. So oct, one the first, I am going whole with my sugar knowledge.

5) Spirit before Speech
You thought I forgot about my spiritual side, did you? Nah…
The purpose of translating the bible is not only to keep my brain stimulated but is to be in time with the Spirit. One of the ways to do this is incorporate verses into my own speech. I may write these down from time to time, but if my heart and head don’t work together, then this is pointless. Therefore, oct 1st shall come, and no more shall thoughtless words cross my mouth (less the punch of drink cross them first 😉

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