Surprised by Scripture by N.T. Wright

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Despite having graduated seminary, I still find myself wanting to read the books I didn’t get to in school. And have been meaning to. And those that I should. So i have committed myself, in addition to trying to translate the whole Bible from Greek/Hebrew is constantly do some type general reading.  Here my current FAVORITE book right now.

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This book is part of a serious with “Simple Jesus” and “How God Became King” by N.T. Wright. In this book, it is almost a collection demonstrating how scripture shapes our lives. Also, while sky scrappers and cars may have not been around in the 1st century, the text written then can still connect to us out of tragedies like a car accident or even 9/11.

I highly recommend this book! fully accepting that I have not read the other books in this series. However, this book has some very good points of reference in addition to connecting you to several other N.T. Wright discussions that go more in-depth than this current book was able to do.  And like it says, it does engage contemporary issues and walks you through the bible verses they are associated with.  Like the title says, you will be “Surprised by Scripture.”

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