Halloween time

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As the leaves change and the days get shorter, I know it’s time for Fall and Halloween. Autumn has always been my favorite season-because not only does so much happen between September and December, but it’s every changing. Worldwide.

So here is my little “top ten” of reasons to like this time of year:
1) Orange is my favorite color. Yes, it’s number one. At this time of year EVERYTHING turns orange, from foliage to kitchenware. And it’s usually cheap and later on sale for ridiculously cheap cause no one else (less my friend Michelle and others) really buys orange crap.

2) Change–change is good. Healing can happen with change. Cleansing. Everyone thinks that the fall harvest was a down time, when I’m fact it’s a time for celebrating a long hard year’s work.

3) Frankenberry and Booberry cereals. My childhood favorites. They remind me of Indiana and my grandma always making sure I had some, even when it wasn’t Halloween. And Frankenberry is strawberry which is a unique flavor.

4) tick-or-treating has moved away from the candy business and to small packages treats. Let me tell you this is the best time of year to diet until Thanksgiving cause your favorite cheese balls, rice Krispy treats and pretzels are all in small portioned bags.

5) spirituality–this time of year moves through a lot of spirituality and famous Lutheran events. It’s beautiful.

6) Halloween get it’s own slot. You can dress up and everyone else will finally think you’re normal for a day.

7) thanksgiving ever services–this is a tradition I love because it is set aside time to be together. My childhood church would share with a synagogue and a Romanian church service. Gave new meaning to Pentecost.

8) for traditions other than Christianity, it is a holy time. Judaism will celebrate Yom Kippur and it’s holiest days while others celebrate the harvest. I think Islam even has a holiday but I will admit not knowing it.

9) school–fall always starts school. I like school.

10) (only for non-CA residents…weather cooling off or start of the freezing


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