Diet, Weight Gain and Babies, oh my!

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So again I have come back to dieting and weight.  Why? Well, for a couple reasons. Mostly because I just had my 6 month check up/blood work done and frankly, I have some interesting updates. Also, Shawn and I ARE planning in the next couple years to have kids (as in starting to try in a couple months) so my health is important to me.

Some things I have learned on my ever-continuing journey.

1) YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. I never thought I’d say this…but when i was taking dieting seriously, I looked like it. Whether it was points or calorie counting or just plain “I’m eating something green”, noticed a true physical and emotional change. I felt better when I ate healthy stuff and disgusted when I ate bad things. Now, after throwing dieting out the window (to emotionally get stable), I gained all the wait back and 20lbs more from eating out at Jack in the Box every morning. i probably ate upwards of 3000 calories per day for weeks on end. And though you are probably thinking “but Sara, doctors have been saying this for years.” –I have problems with authority figures. I have to experience and know things for myself, not be given answers. Therefore, statistics do not phase me. In fact, they only make me pissed that I think i’m a number.

2)EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION ABOUT DIETING again, coming from personal experience on this one. Everyone thinks they have the newest weight loss secret or dieting plan, but in reality-its only you who can figure out what is best for you. My best friend lost a lot of weight on Medifast. I tried it–i cried many tears. And not because I was happy. I’m realistic–i’ve been overweight the majority of my life. Watching skinny people complain about 10-15lbs makes me irritated. Or people who actually LOOK healthy thinking they aren’t. You need to find what is right for you, with a doctor or nutritionalist who is right for you…

3)IT DOES MATTER coming to a turning point in this dieting process–i realist that what I do really does matter. And it doesn’t just affect me–but others. It affects me if I want to have kids. It affects Shawn. truly–everything…Buying from the local farmers market helps sustain your local economy without supporting over-oppressive industrialized company. So if nothing else I’m going to eat better if not for the sake of others.

This all is eventually leading up to the ending word: babies. Shawn and I are going to start trying within this next year. And while reading all those books I need (because my mother is no longer here), they continually mention that working to be active and healthy is a great way to prepare for having kids. And that is something I want. I would love to have a kid who doesn’t have to experience being overweight–though if my child does gain I will still love them none the less and let them know that God is there.


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