Religion and Reality

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I want to get something off my chest.

Religion and Reality are not two different things. We have come to an era where everyone, whether it be those who claim Christ as King or those who thing we’re all a bunch of idiots, believes that religion is outside the means of reality. I want to set the record straight. Religion and reality should not be enemies.  Just because God created reality and can be outside of it, does not mean that we are to place religion outside of the reality he has created for us. Why would  want to believe in something that doesn’t have anything to do with this world? When people say “I can’t believe in a God who does “x”…”, my typical reaction is maybe their view of God needs to change instead of their typically view which is to throw God out of the picture.   On the other page–people usually talk about God not connecting with this world, where as I see Christ and see nothing but God interacting with this world. The enlightenment has brought us to today where we think that reality and science are contrary to religion. It also doesn’t help that protestant theologians during the same period pushed faith away from scientific study. Look at Galileo–that will show you an interesting study in science and faith. And then look at Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons–it forces people to consider faith and science together yet is pushed away as it is a fiction book and even downplayed in the movie because of our society’s goal to push science and religion apart.

Here is a quote from N.T. Wright’s new book Surprised by Scripture. It was nice to hear it from a more well-known theologian. I wish more would speak of this…

“And the Christian claim was from the beginning that Jesus’s resurrection was a question NOT of the internal mental and spiritual states of his followers a few days after his crucifixion but of something that had happened in the REAL, PUBLIC world, leaving among its physical mementos not only an empty tomb but a broken loaf at Emmaus and footprints in the sane by the lake, and leaving his followers with a lot of explaining to do but with a transformed worldview that is only explicable on the assumption that something really did happen, even tough it stretched their existing word views to the breaking point.”

Wright talks about we have come to believe that “believe is contrary to “knowing.” When you believe something to be true versus knowing it is. Again–Science/Reality versus religion.  Science doesn’t even explain everything–many ideas are just that–ideas and theories that have trended towards a certain result but could spontaneously do something else. Or unexplained phenomena. I’m not even suggesting that religion is an answer and it is certainly not the opposite of the situation.

So please, remember whether you believe in something or not–science is not against faith. It is the study of natural things in this world through research and experiment. It is a study of how the way things are. And religion and faith are explanations of why things are what they are. Shorthand: science says what; faith says why. They can work together–very easily in fact. And if you want to claim that the “What” is the why–then its your theory of why…which is a philosophical study–NOT a scientific one.

by the way–i never thought googling for an image of religion/science would be hard. its all just memes about people’s opinions. A little more creativity please?

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