Does This Mean I’m a Horse?

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You know those “suggested posts” you see on Facebook for plated meals or packaged snacks? Well, I decided I would be “curious” and check one out.  It 1) gave me an excuse to get a little free food and 2) actually sounded interesting.

So I look into graze


Graze is an interesting site.  What they do is weekly (or however often you desire), they send you 4 small snack sized munchies to enjoy. And luckily its not just the same almond, carob and coconut strip mix you see in the store. No-its got a unique variety of fun flavors for those of us who like to try “a little of this…a little of that.”




This was my first taste – all fruit (apple/strawberry/currant) It was tasty. Dried fruit but considering they get shipped I’m not that upset. These are the pending snacks below. I recommend it all! I’ve since eaten the chili & lime pistachios. lots of flavor. 20140629-145135-53495356.jpg

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