After the Cap & Gown…

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Last Saturday I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with my Masters in Arts in Theology with a Biblical Studies emphasis.  And like what happened in undergrad– I meet my graduation with joy and sorrow.  Joy for the accomplishment of the degree, to finally reach a stopping point and for to worship with those who have been there on the journey.  Yet sorrow came as it did before-I was sad for the friends I would be leaving and for the ending I refuse to accept.  I never stop learning and I still want to learn more about this “theology” thing.  THe only thing I figured that meant was that-perhaps-a PhD was in my future. Scary thoughts–but exciting as well.

So I prayed to God to show me how this is all suppose to work out. And though I have heard God speak “slow down” in the past–slow has many meanings….sometimes slow just means gradual.

So fast forward to last night–when Shawn and I went to rehearsal for the summer musical.  I was speaking to a friend that we met last summer in Fiddler, telling her about all my adventures from the last year. I mentioned that I had taught a class called “biblical words with Bazinga” in an attempts to give people a new perspective on difference translations of original Greek/Hebrew words in the Bible. She suggested I publish it as a curriculum.  I didn’t get what that meant.  Actually I just didn’t understand how I, Sara, could have even approach the idea of publishing. And yet someone is speaking of me to publish my work. God speak-possibly

When I got home-out of pure curiosity I decided to see what Fuller keeps on their “opening positions” for grad and graduating students. I noticed something called “research associate.” I could not believe someone gets paid to research. It was pretty amazing–and just another confirmation of where this was all leading.

So this morning I went to work again–and on my way all of a sudden something hit me like “i wonder what I need to do to publish things…” thinking about last night. It was a scary thought again, but it wouldn’t go away. Though I think it is merely a confirmation of last night-it is still another confirmation of this PhD thing. And plus-when I arrived home-I found in the mailbox something from Claremont School of Theology and about the PhD in Hebrew Bible.

Continue through tonight–after reading through the Claremont material, i realized it may take me a few years to get prepped for going for this phd-thing. So I started searching for German classes or online learning or something a little more scholarly than the BYU class I was trying to take.  That’s when I came across a professor in theology who is from Germany, teachers the theological german i’m looking for and ALSO teaches a research British-based PhD degree that is almost complete through online/email communication. I was amazed.  More confirmation. So I decided to email the professor and his reply was surprisingly quick. Hopefully this doesn’t mean interaction is short but at least I can ask for some help in figuring this out.  Or at least learn some German.

PhD here I come?


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