June is Here!

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June is my favorite month-for a multitude of reasons. And so I am glad today starts the beginning of a wild and crazy month.

The number one reason I like June is, well, its my birthday month.  June 26th. 6-2-6 (yes-I did flip out when I found out Stitch’s experiment number was this and I almost bought a car solely based on its name like my birthday.) For most people-they only like the day, but I love the month. And who knows why-maybe its because I was born a month early and if I had been born on time, I might have shared a birthday with both my grandma & grandpa (yes, they were born the same day.) I did not need that. Though I don’t want to promote self-centeredness, everyone needs their time and their space and why not pick a day that marks the day you came into this world? It’s also along these same lines is the reason why I do not believe anyone should have to work on their birthday.  It should be a day of enjoyment (and I guess if you can work while doing that its okay, but when you work in customer service sometimes you have to hear bad with good so working on your birthday might present some unpleasantness.)

second-I love June because typically it has symbolized the beginning of summer and the end of school. As an adult this has not been the case too much but as a kid, its a powerful thing. Right now–classes will end I I will enjoy not having to study for a major final.  pleasant thoughts really. Especially since I will be graduating–another reason to celebrate June.

third– june usually implies a lot of celebrating. I have several friends with June birthdays, there’s flag day & father’s day.  There’s also the longest day of the year-first day of summer.

Sooo… let’s get ready for another exiting year in June! Hope your month will be as exiting as you hope it to be!


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