Come Along little Doggie

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Every once and a while–I get the urge to share some of the dog training facts to help those out in the world who (like me) think that the rates they charge for dog training are ridiculous considering EVERYONE can benefit from a little advice here and there.

So I thought I would share some advice on training dogs for a dog door.


1) Make sure your dog is house-trained.  A dog door doesn’t really make sense unless your dog is trained to go outside when he or she needs to do their business.  I could write a whole other post on house training but I’ll keep it simple.

2) never force your dog through the door. They will associate your anger or frustration and have trouble going through the door (which they already have trouble with naturally.)


3) take your dog out and shut the door so they can’t come back in except through the door. Stick your hand through and use a treat or toy to lure them through. Be encouraging and let them know it’s safe. When they make it through the door, reward them with the treat.

Simple?!, well, let’s just day you have to practice a couple times. But eventually they figure it out and after 2 years even through switching houses it only took 2 times and April mastered the door. Scout once….


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