Running Around …like a chicken with its head cut off

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My last blog was all about how to get through moving/buying a house.  Soooo… It is only fitting that the my next blog be about how to deal with home improvements.  My husband and I were blessed to be able to update some of the things in our house.  Consider this a part 2 of how to buy a home as well as how to deal with upgrades.

Some tips to remember:

1) Do your own research: I know its hard and sometimes practically impossible, but it is helpful.  Anyone (female or male) can look up information. And it helps with your budget as well as Knowing how much things realistically cost is extremely helpful for not getting scammed.  Finally–getting quotes isn’t always the best solution.  You have to look at who is doing the work vs costs vs will you have to repair it again and again in the future [this is VERY important–you’re not getting a bargain if you have to pay $200 every years vs $1k up front to get it done right.

2) Make an order of what you want done and then prioritize. For us-this was important.  We had items that were a safety issue (electrical, fence) as well as upgrades (painting) as well as other items to consider (update bathroom.) I know money is a question for everyone so think about what MUST be done vs could be done vs let’s think about what we want & need . [This is helpful for house-buying: if you do not have time to worry about upgrading/updates then think about this when you are buying a house.

3) When you decide on who is going to do what–get a timeline and then through it out the window.  This is from personal experience.  Things happen to contractors every day… and their work is based off what they’re doing, what the weather is like, whether they can get supplies or workers or whatever.  And honestly–take as much as you can but be patient. Being nit-picky only makes the contractors harder to work with and might add to the costs in the long run for the little things a kind heart might bring about cost-free.

4) this is a personal preference but always be appreciative of “The Help.” Today–my painter talked about how many clients do not want to talk to the people doing the work.  That shocked me.  I believe that everyone should show appreciation towards people helping me because they do not have to help me or be nice to me or even do a good job.  They can always leave the site, charge more, etc. So, in conclusion–thank people for helping them make your life easier.

I hope these things make upgrading and cleaning up a little easier. Good luck with your homes!




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