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Hello Blogging World.

So this week is a cleaning week. Cleaning inside our home…cleaning my mind to input new information. Cleaning house emotionally… So I thought I would also work on cleaning up my blog and getting some more organization to it.

1) Clean House:
My husband and I have a reason for this (please do not jump to conclusions—we will be notifying everyone when appropriate and NO, it is not a baby.) But due to the fact that we are both in school cleaning house is more becoming something we have to schedule.

For a married couple-no kids, I recommended balancing out the cleaning. Find out what people can tolerate. For example, no one likes doing laundry but my husband does not cook in the kitchen often and has excelled in doing laundry, even if just to do a quick load. So He does the laundry most of the time while I do dishes. I also take care of the puppies’ dinner while he has offered to do the yard once the gardeners are released. Compromise is key to house work—tackle major challenges together.

Also tackle one thing at a time. Don’t try & do everything on one day. It’s stressful and realistically not possible if you both work and have school. So make small goals. “Today, I will clean the dresser off & organize the closet.” Definitely doable in a couple hours at most. Or “I will sweep/vacuum the house today.” Do things that you can accomplish—you feel better when you get something done and you can then take breaks and decide if you want to tackle something else. My goal right now: boxing the computer room… which includes my books I do not use. I’ll be graduating soon with a major reorganization coming up (you’ll find out why)—its something I can gradually work on and feel accomplished when I get little projects done. For example—I packed my lady & the tramp collection. MAJOR accomplishment

2) Clean Your Mind
This is probably a more difficult task for me and something I need to be more disciplined about, but as a Christian I really want to clean up house in my mind, both through school and spiritual needs so I can live a little simpler. With graduating—that will break up some room for me to structure things on my time. Here are some short term goals:
Prayer/God Time: this NEEDS to happen. Somewhere. Where I take time out to do this. End of Story. I will admit I am not a morning person (AT ALL) so this is something I have to schedule into my daily activities. I realize it is a good thing to have but it needs focus and discipline along without making me feel stressed.
Worship: I’m slacking a little on this—mostly because Shawn and I have work/class and Sundays are literally the only day we get any sleep. Mentall I try to take some time to read scripture and give something back in thanks… My idea is that if Prayer time starts setting in it will be nature to worship whether I’m at church or not. And my personal goal with any children we have is to emphasis the importance of praising God in worship anytime…. (yes I understand kids needs structure but I don’t want religion as the institution suffocating them-God brings life so we don’t need any of that.)
Reading Goals: I have tons of books I would like to read. Not being in class will provide me with my own reading schedule. I am going to try & read as many as I can in a year… I like when people do this and think it is healthy relaxation.

3) Physical Cleaning: Yeah, I’m back to this again. I gained all the weight I lost and then some. I need a restructure about eating healthy and not just dieting. I want to do this so I can loose weight BEFORE children but it needs to be a full-time thing. Habit/Life-changing. So for that to stick I need more discipline, less hate/negativity and encouragement. Right now I want to get back to counting calories…and trying to add 1 veggie into my life daily. I have realized I lack veggies. A lot of veggies. …so baby steps. Also, I have tried doctors and nutritionists and other people telling me how to eat. The more restricted I feel, the more anxious and crazy I get. So need to work on a method that’s away from that.

Well I hope that gives people some guidance in cleaning. Some times things require restructure and a new foundation. Shalom in Christ my friends!!


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