Emotional Overdrive

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I do not know how many people experience this, but have you ever reached your breaking point to where no matter what criticism or negative thing you thin of it sets you off into uncontrollable crying or gets you extremely upset? well I know I have.  It is almost as though you think you have managed to place your feelings aside, have worked up enough courage to keep going in life, but all of a sudden, a plate breaks or you get a paper cut and all hell seems to break loose on you.  And unfortunately, uncontrolled emotions (as many women know) can result in several unhealthy things.  So here’s my go around on what to do if you go into emotional overdrive:

1) DO NOT DIRVE anywhere! you cannot control your emotions, you definitely cannot control another vehicle.  I have learned from bad experience that driving while emotionally unstable results in the accidents or almost accidents you fear.  And of course THAT in of itself would not make recovering from a panic attack or emotional overdrive any easier. (few..) ok now I’ve got that out…

2) Pray–i never thought I’d say this-coming from the girl who hates taking formal prayer time out to talk to God who is always there anyways, but I am being serious.  You want something good to focus on? Let’s be realistic… as Christians and believers, God is the best person.  You may not get your answers or solutions or whatever, but God is the only being that can truly help you refocus.  So pray a little, even it is just a repetitive prayer to calm your breathing.  Medical/science peeps can attest that works even all on its own with the whole God thing 😉

3) Do something you CAN control. Now, what I mean is not go destroy something or run off into a corner. That just leaves you a big mess or alone with your thoughts and neither work.  You need to do something healthy and productive. Like wash dishes (its seriously what they recommend) or in my case, pack another box of stuff.  It’s soothing, does not require much thinking, and can be done without harming you or others.  Best option. Also, it brings your emotions down to a manageable level.

just some other ideas on emotional overdrive/panic attacks–for those experiencing and those helping. Try not to push the person back into the situation that causes the attacks. It’s not good to force someone until their ready.  Until they can gradually work through something.  And this requires a lot of prayer. Trust me. Also, hugs are good 🙂

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