There and Back Again

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Yes, I am gradually coming back to blogging. As many of my friends realize, I am in grad school and when papers and projects become your priority, your blog does not.  Especially when you decide on taking up a class at church which requires the other portion of your free time.

Anyways, I thought I would talk about something that came up on day at work..several ions ago… 🙂

One day it was noted that my life lack purpose.  Well, maybe not purpose, but goals.  I had several things going on at the same time, I was in grad school for the only one reason and that was because God says so and I felt like everything and anything was going on at the same time. So it got me thinking–do we need to have purpose?

Now, don’t get me wrong, we crave purpose.  Just look at the books sales for Rick Warren’s purpose drive life. Or the self-help section at your local bookstore or  It’s insane how much our culture craves it.  But is it something we need? As a Christian–no, we don’t need it, because we already have it.

Personally–I think God is the only purpose we need. It’s why we were created.  And being that He Created us, there really isn’t much else we need to focus on.  Glory to God. That’s it.  Now–what does that look like? Well, that’s where I think we should start talking.  There is nothing wrong with talking, communicating, thinking about the world around us.  There are many good things–that we should be thankful for and praise God for (i.e. the rain, a loving husband, a steady job, sanity, and so on..). But there are also bad things, or terrible things that happen that maybe we need to be there for someone.  Reflecting on my personal situation–I am getting a masters degree in theology.  Do I know what God has planned for me with this? Not yet. But does that mean I sit and wait around to let God send a flash of lightening? I don’t think so.  This last year–I managed to teach a class at church and was amazed how much energy and love I put into something I thought what was insignificant. Yet–I was bless by someone who said I not only have passion and knowledge, but the ability to teach so everyone gets it.  Where did that come from? I didn’t know these things…

So honestly-living a life so focused on purpose seems a little closed minded. No offense, but if you need that security, its okay. The purpose-drive life isn’t something to throw in the garbage.  But don’t criticize those who have chosen to live a little more “wildly” if you can call it that. Blessings!

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