Allegiant by Veronica Roth (#3 of Divergent Series)

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I have finally finished the divergent series–reading the last book called Allegiant.

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Though I wish very much to not give away any of the book (as I have several friends working through its 500+ pages), I will try my best to give a review without any shocking details. Anyways–here is my review:

I would have to say that this book takes a great leap of faith traveling down the road it did.  Though it was fairly predictable, the event that the character choose for themselves are very unpredictable. Especially one in particular that I had to read about 5 times to understand what had happened and its impact in the storyline. The book still involves of what I call “Harry Potter and Hunger Games meets The Giver” but no understands those books references (if you do, thank your English teacher for forcing you to read the right books.)   I do say, I read the reviews and I was disappointed that people critiqued so harshly.  For started, it is a “teen” book–and while many teenagers can say many wise thoughts, it is still meant to be a emotional, character-based plot and a series evaluation of the society it tries to engage.  Maybe that is what is left up to the imagination of the reader.  If I don’t say, I think it is better than the second book but not than the first, but then again, first books have the most story to tell and third books have the most to wrap up so, again slightly predictable.

I would be interested to hear the author’s take on her own books. I think there is an element of reflection throughout the series and that Tris, Four, and the others all represent something, or someone.

Overall: 4 of 5 stars.  definitely a must read and a must-read in cahoots with the WHOLE series. I do not recommend reading any of this without starting from the beginning or it does not make any sense.

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