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Hello everyone! Again, I apologize for the delay in blogs. Grad school reading/writing/studying got in the way.  And now, fortunately or unfortunately, I’m writing on a topic we’re “exploring” in my New Testament Romans to Revelation class: Paul’s emphasis that Christians are to be counter culture.  Here are a couple of my pondering thoughts:

What does a counterculture look like when the culture it is supposed to be counter against looks more and more “counterculture”?

We live in an age were everyone is trying to stand on their on, be an individual and not conform. And those who call themselves Christians–they look more like their neighbors everyday, holding the same divorce rate, the same problems and celebrating the same holidays and personalized achievements.

I think that if Paul was here (yeah, I know, WWPD, right? [cough cough sarcasm cough cough]; I think he would disappointed.  He would write emails and Facebook posts (cause who writes letters anymore) that describe his dissatisfaction with those who claim to follow Christ.  Imagine, instead of seeing “Galatians” you image “Letter to the Los Angelosians” or “Letter to the Chicagoans” that talked about what they were doing and how SEVERAL people are not loving as Christ loved. Self-giving, self-emptying love that showed His love for others.  And this love would reflect a faith, an obedience to the One called the Messiah, and reflected that hope that only God can give, that withstands any suffering. You might get your answer to abortion, your answer to homosexuality, maybe even to capital punishment and to immigration (paul talked about the current topics of the day.) Now, I do not claim to know what this would look like, but at least you would get the discussion guided in the right place, in the right light.  Per one of my school readings: “They are, in other words, to share their faith, express their love, and remain secure in their hope as they interact with the world around them.” (Gorman, p127, referring to Phil 2:12-16)

REMEMBER this next time you look at what counterculture means and how, if you are Christian, how you are meant to respond.  It will help you define counterculture in a new light and maybe learn to accept those you thought were the original counter culture.

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