Death of Another Diet

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It is with deepest sorrow I would like to inform you that I have now added Medifast to my list of failed diets.  I have been struggling with the diet since the beginning and have been trying to decide if I want to give it up.  I decided it was time to just go back to eating healthy for many reasons.  Say what you like, any encouragement is always appreciated but any criticism is probably not the best form of flattery right now.

Anyways, Reasons:

1) my marriage– though I have an absolutely loving husband who supported me through this, this diet is not made for our lifestyles.  And people talk about changing your lifestyle but we’re not fully ready for that yet either.  Or at least not in the way where I do one diet and he does another.  I stated to him I wanted to do something we could do together, to talk about it and also figure out where our financials set (because I honestly cannot afford separate food) which I think would be a better approach to dieting.  Also, if I’m doing this for me and for my children, I am not going to be feeding them diet food either, so that would create another problem if we went down the kid-route. So for practical and balance reasons, I am leaving Medifast.

2)The Food–I don’t care what they say–there is not enough substances in those foods.  They’re basically starving your body.  My coach even discussed how after eating their food for 3 days I start to burn fat… BECAUSE I”M NOT EATING!.  It also was difficult to spend time with family and friends who might be still eating healthy but enjoying perfectly normal food. For example, Shawn’s family goes out every Tuesday for tacos at Del Taco.  2 regulars tacos are at most 300-400 calories.  The also split the large fries between everyone, which results in people getting about 200 calories worth of fries.  With water or a diet drink, this is a perfectly fine meal.  And if you wanted another taco– its not that much to accommodate and maybe have a salad or low-calorie lunch if planned. However, on my Medifast, I was not able to eat anything in that meal or anything at Del Taco for that matter as everything has carbs associated with it.  It is disappointing and depressing when you’re trying to spend time with family.  Same is true for holidays, birthdays, going out and having a beer with a friend  (i mean 1, not 20.) So it limits my interaction


3) My emotional well-being: I do not know how many of you have been overweight or obese or whatever, but I have been all my life. Except in 8th grade when I hit that age and I lost 15 pounds. I was a medium size… i was shocked.  It is not easy.  And it hurts even more when people who are NOT overweight feel that way, true to loose 10-15 lbs and make the overweight and obese people feel like they have failed. I know people do not intentionally do this… but when your own friend thinks their image is more important than their self-worth– the weight isn’t the problem.  I honestly have never felt negative about myself and my weight until I had my doctor monitoring it in addition to trying to diet.

the Good things:

I have learned some good things from this diet.  Mostly that I appreciate real food and realize the true difference between moderation and elimination.  I was not happy on this diet. EVER.  It frustrated me and only made me feel like I was a bad child when I opened my mouth to eat something not on the diet.  People were encouraging about losing the weight, but I honestly do not think many people who are skinny or have been skinny in their life understand what it is like to be overweight you’re whole life.  Weight does not come off easily, “changing your lifestyle” does not mean changing a part of who you are and if you just simply “like food” or like cooking (any kind of cooking) its hard for you to just cut that out of your life.  You can’t–you need food.  And you need to learn to control how you eat, not just what and how much.  I know this is contrary to what i said a few months ago for myself–but maybe i needed to experience this in order to know the difference of moderation.

So from here on out i’m going to work on healthy living.  Healthy lifestyle, healthy balance.  That doesn’t require a fad diet, eating nothing or drinking shakes. It requires a spiritual mindset to realize that God can make me whole to what I am to be and if that is a round shape instead of the rectangular shape, than so be it. But at least I know where my source of life truly is and feel better about living.

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