Speak to Me, Scripture

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Though I know there are historical inaccuracies and many many missing definitions within its pages, I still strongly believe in the Scripture I hold true.

Geez…that statement is so vague.  Mostly because I do believe Scripture to be the Word of God, but I do NOT believe going into the Bible, finding whatever fits my perspective and shaping the biblical text to fit what I want it to say. The Bible says a lot by itself.  I have only begin to discover this when I started studying the languages of the Bible.  First of all, I personally think that English lacks a lot of ability to express things.  There are words in many other languages that get not only more definitive but also more elaborate than what English states.  For example, the word for “Spirit” in Hebrew–can also mean “breathe or water”  It is meant to associate the meaning of the word with the giver of life, the source of life.  This is important because in the second sentence of Genesis, it says “Spirit of God” in which an understanding of the Hebrew term ruach provides a deeper understanding of God’s presence, His Spirit, hovering over the vast chaos at which point He begins to create (there are several other similar revelations while learning language that I plan to reveal in my Biblical Words with Bazinga! class at church, if anyone has free times on Tuesdays in February, 7-9pm (8:30ish)-no shameful plug there).

I also don’t want people to think I disregard History of Science either.  Obviously we have the Biblical text as we do.  And yes, I do believe there are some texts that are very difficult to comprehend.  Yet–we still have the Bible, I know one of my professor always liked to remind us that we still have the Biblical text, in its entirety and God has made that so for some reason.  Could things have different meaning? yes, sure.  Could the Bible support aliens? Eh, why not, but it couldn’t definitely NOT support them as well.  Did the Exodus really happen? I’d like to say yes but I don’t think that is the point in the Exodus story.  Did Jesus exist? Well, even the historical societies agree with this concept…but did He rise? and is He the Messiah, the Christ? I’m going to say heck yeah but that’s because I actually believe that.  I know others don’t.  These are all things we can get from the Bible and sometimes I think we take for granted the Book as a whole and begin chopping it down until it fits our picture of perfection.


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