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I have a great desire to teach, learn and engage in language.  This is more like a “work in progress” but I think I could put together a linguistics/intro to language class.

Objective: Understanding how language works between humans.  Looking at basics for understanding a second language.

Books: Contemporary Linguistics by O’Grady; the Language Instinct & The Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker and the Atoms of Language by Mark Baker. It’s said I would want to use the books i’m reading right now but I really enjoy them and they help explain things well.  And one is a textbook…and I definitely want to include some evaluation if Chomsky and Greenberg ..both founders in the modern linguistic scholarship

Weekly schedule

1) What is Language– What defines language.  How are they grouped? Review divisions, similarities and differences.Read first chapter in O’grady, first three chapters in Baker.

2)History of Language–Review the historical grouping, see how languages are interconnected.  When did language begin? How languages have processed over time.

3)Elements of Language–Grammer, universal? new theories; Synatx; Words; Do these items differentiate language?

4)Parameter Theory, pt1—Review major type of parameters

a) Polysynthetic

b) Head Directionality

c) Subject side

D) verb attraction.

5) Parameter Theory, pt2 — subject placement, serial verbs, null subjects, adjuster neutralize, ergative case, topic prominent.

6) Language & culture: How culture and language interact.

Language and Thought process really interest me.  It’s intrigue that we can associate certain words with things and it creates certain thoughts.  I’m actually going to be playing on this in my Bible Study/Adult Forum class on Biblical Words.  I’ll post a blog about the class when its closer to its fruition and probably a blog on my opinion of Scripture…if you were waiting for something else to read.

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