Book of Exodus

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Another one of my favorite books of the old testament is exodus.  Not only do you get the story of Israel’s prototype prophet Moses, but you also hear the stories of Israel roaming in the desert.  Also included are the 10 commandments, stories about spirits and snakes and the children of Israel just NOT getting it.  Similar to how the disciples acted around Jesus.. 🙂

For books I would want to use a scholarly commentary and then 2 otber books presenting perspectives, one from Christian and one from  Jewish/rabbinical text.  It would give students a  broader perspective on such a action packed book.

A breakdown of the class would mostly consistence of running through the chapters in sections, similar to the Isaiah class i posted about earlier. I agree with my professor Dr. Tremper Longman in spending some time on covenant and its meaning in the Hebrew context because that is the WHOLE point sometimes in the story.

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