Word Woche 9.22

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As many of you know, I am learning German.  In the last lesson I was learning the different names for different countries.  For the most part–German works like other languages.  England sounds like England, France is “Frankreich” and French “Französisch.” Things look like their english cognate.  However, Germany is NOT translated “germane” or something similar.  So this week’s word is:


meaning “German.” Deutschland being the official name of the country.

It was interesting to learn that the world for Germany has an interesting history.  My BYU online professor mentioned it comes from the Old German word diut-isk, roughly “folk-ish.  Another etymology website showed the connection with the word “Dutch” and this statement:  Old High German duit-isc, corresponding to Old English þeodisc “belonging to the people (website here )  It’s interesting to hear German call themselves “one of us” or just differentiate between us and them. As simple as that.  Either you’re part of the people here or part of the people elsewhere.  Not kidding.  Per my lesson plan/professor: The opposite term was an ancestor of welsch, meaning specifically the Celtic peoples, but generally anyone who was foreign, or “not one of us.”

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