A little Greenie…again

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A few months back I wrote a blog (bloodspot) about wanting to become a more environmentally sound Christian.  I felt not only was it my responsbility as a Christian to take care of the world we live in, but also take care of myself in the most loving and responsbile way.  Here’s the update:

1) We have managed to cut our electricity down IN HALF! (that’s right–half–I have the bill to prove it!.) Shawn and I decided that since we were not home a lot and typically gone until after dark that it was time to let the air conditioning go. Especially since we cannot afford to buy a new unit despite having a 30+ year old a/c and heater.  So we went some days with the house over 80, sometimes over 85.  Let’s just say a little fan takes up far less energy and feels just as good sometimes.  Downside of this–the house has a hard time cooling down since its old.  But if this makes sense to anyone….last year we were at 40mhz, this year we were at 18mhz adjustment.  HUGE impact.

2) I have managed to change some of my hygienic products in the bathroom.  Sadly, the deodorant was a BIG fail.  I tried making my own, only to create a mess and have a tub of coconut oil in the fridge that takes up space (don’t worry–I’m working on a way to use it somehow.) I tried buying TOMS brand, since they are more socially and environmentally safe.  It did a GREAT job or making me dry (almost too much) but did NOTHING for the smell. I know someone else who had this similar feedback.  I had to give in to the Dove brand again because despite showering almost every day— i work in business and cannot smell unclean.  So working on that.  However, my toothbrush and toothpaste are TOMS and Preserve, which I now prefer than anything else.  The toothpaste doesn’t taste, well, like paste.  And the toothbrush does what I need it to do.  All my make-up and cleaning products are also safe…. either because my skin requires that they are or because it just made sense.  I’m working on getting back to better toilet paper and all households cleaning products are Seventh Generation cause of the dogs.  So not a huge step, but in the right direction .

3) Kitchen: we have begun trying to eat more at home (health concerns) and that resulted in using our dishes more.  We have cut down on trash, but for 2 people, its not that much.  We still use the dishwasher, but probably only once every 2-3 weeks depending on often we are home and what we’re eating. The kitchen food has become more green as we have loaded more veggies into the fridge for eating.  But it’s still a never ending battle. I looked into organic friendly dog items, but I think i’m already doing as much as I can for a working doggy mom who kids have to eat Grain Free items…

Well, at least I’ve gotten somewhere.  I am looking to making my own soap and trying to create less trash.  If we had kids, that will be another step in itself. 🙂

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