Be Reality, Be Respect, Be Fearful

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“I’m not religious, i’m just spiritual”

“Well, i believe in God…but I don’t go to church

“Eh, whatever about God…”

Ever heard any of these phrase before? They are all OVER our society.  People in our post-postmodern age are being to step away from church, from religion, from almost anything that deals with the intangible and unrealistic.  And don’t get me wrong.  This mindset has a lot of positive reminders that I think as humans we need to stick to: be realistic. Don’t be fake.  Live life. Live it freely

I want to encourage people despite our culture’s desire to push away the church and religion, there is a God out there who is realistic and full of true life.  And that He CAN live in religion.  Though the human institute of religion has its faults (and many of them), the original intention of many of the human-created items are meant to be reminders of the Creator and not to destroy him.  My best example–many people have turned away from the Orthodox churches because of their emphasis on liturgy (structure within the worship service.) However, if one were to listen, study or even ask the head pastor or leader the important of these items, it may strike more meaning within a believe and provide more motivation for involvement in that liturgical element.  Simply stated– when all together prayer (The COLLECT), it is an emphasis that the community as a hole can pray to God together.  Striking difference from the individualism our country and culture has encouraged.)

However, on that same token, I don’t want to people to think that God lives only in these structures.  God is the Creator and by definition (being that He is God), he can do whatever He wants–literally.  Therefore, when He created everyone (and I mean everyone), he did not mean for us to look like little robots serving an input/output machine.  He created us.  He gave us life.  (I won’t get into a sin argument right now, but Christianity provides the same argument.) So we are meant to LIVE!! Be us–talk to God.  Honestly, He is the One you can have faith that He is always there, that He will always listen and in the best time ever possible yet completely incomprehensible, He will be there and help you.  But don’t just talk to him like he’s another human being–because He’s not.  He does deserve some respect, some structure and reverence.  Some (in the old testament meaning)… Fear.  So we should as believers should Be Reality, Be Respect and Be Fearful to our Living, Loving and Righteous Lord!

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