Working on the Spiritual Side

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There are many things in life we struggle with.  Things we fight, things we argue.  We cruse, things changes, we get lost, we, well, do almost anything to search our dreams.  And don’t get me wrong–you can do things by yourself.  But eventually the fuel stops. Things end and you’re burned out. You can see this everywhere in our society–just talk with your best friend.  There is always some problem in the world that cannot be fixed, some horrible situation happening to the wrong person in contrast to bad people getting the things they need.  For myself, I am struggling with weight right now and I have almost come to the breaking point of “screw it all.”  But the last few sentences on my last post got me thinking…maybe I should a little more at the spiritual side of things.

First, I know this is for some corny or boring, but honestly–humans are more than just our physical beings.  If you follow any faith tradition, you have some concept of humans existing outside of the physical realm.  We have emotional, we have minds, we have souls.  For some, these are all separate entities. For others these are all part of the interconnected system created to be.

In that train of thought, it is always a mystery of how as humans we turn to ourselves and our own abilities when we start to break down.  And it seems as though the modern world as dug a hole into our physical abilities so much that we cannot compete with the destruction ever-building.  So why don’t we go spiritual? Why don’t we turn outward, to the “Other”, to something or someone that can look being the existence we are stuck in.

Now, moving on this is where I love that God has provided us this.  God, Creator (key point here) is beyond who we are as human.  God formed us and knows us and yes, I understand if you can’t get your head around that idea because it is that large.  Your mind is not meant to search that far.  It wasn’t created to operate in such a manner without its Creator.  I could make a modern technological reference here but I’m tired of religious trendiness that tries to simplify the in-depth spiritual.  And I do not believe we are all robots created by a master operating the keys, so I’m not going to go there.

I just believe things would work out better if we consulted the spiritual beings we find truth.  Because all, or at least most religions promote some idea of peace, of responsibility, of dedication to a Supreme Power or Creator that assists.  For example–when I got frustrated about my dating situation, I spent a whole day in solitude depressed.  I cried to God, I yelled at God, I told him I was done with all of this and if He could just help me, I’d be fine.  Not knowing what He would be able to do because I was stuck.  Within a week, I had meet my now husband.  (I’ll spare the details 😉 )

So maybe the next time you get frustrated, maybe take some time & pray.  Or just talk with God. Or just relax, breathe, scream, yell….get it out.  Don’t let the destruction become your identity.  For our identities are found in something far greater than we can image.  (Oh Thank God!)

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