Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig & Dave Roberts

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My junior year of college after I returned from a semester in England, the Christian Fellowship group I was a part of went on a 10 day Prayer journey to munich.  As part of the group, it was recommended we read this book about the beginnings of the 24-7 prayer movement.  I can honestly say that his book changed my life–my perception of prayer, how it works and what really builds a community.  In fact, I help operate a 24-7 prayer room for 2 different weeks in a main street storefront.  Anyways,I wanted to express my deepest desire to recommend this book to anyone struggling with a church community.  I know personally, for me, it gave me both an outlet for my frustrations with the institutionalized church and yet help me strength my faith to help me love that same church and work with them even more.

The book begins with the author’s receiving a call from God to help the struggling church in Europe as it is crumbling slowly and losing members daily mostly to misconceptions and lack of life.  Greig and Roberts begin on a long, sometimes joyful sometimes painful road of building up what would eventually become the 24-7 prayer movement.  Today, this movement has merged into forming community church groups called “Boiler Rooms” built around the community prayer rooms.  The story is truly God-filled and amazing to read. I could not put down the book.  There are some moments I questioned the validity of what happened, but if you want to see where they are today, check the 24-7prayer website.


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