Divergent by Veronica Roth (No Spoilers)

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Occasionally, for my book reviews I think I will search back into “completed” section of my bookshelf.  There are several good books I have read over the years with interesting story plots and much deeper than cover indicates meanings that I personally EVERYONE should read.  Yes, I will try & include books I normall would not choose…that might happened more when school starts or when I finally get back to the book group at church. (which I also recommend to anyone who reads…join a book group!)

Anyways, I was recommended this book from a friend at work.  I was reading through the Hunger Games books when she said if I liked those I should check out this new author.  So I picked up a copy.  And I could not put it down.  If  you like Hunger Games, enjoyed reading the Giver as a kid, honestly this is a book for you, at any age.

The book tells the story about a young girl coming of age. Yet, in her society, everyone is divided into factions and when they reach the appropriate age, you are placed in the faction that you will live in the rest of your life.  Each faction handles different aspects of society and you conform to that group’s duties.  Even if it is different from the group you grew up in.  Honestly, because I don’t want to reveal too much about the book, I will leave the plot summary to that.

In regards to the writing–it is fantastic.  Roth writes with clarity and definition–that you can picture exactly what she is trying to describe in every scene.  The book flows very well, jumps right into the story from the beginning and doesn’t leave you begging for interaction by the last chapter.  I do saw, it is part of the trilogy, so when you finish, you want to pick up the next book, for sure.

Overall: 5 stars, but must be a fiction reader and let your imagination take you where Roth writers!

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