Every Thing has their Own Story

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In my recent work to provide more book reviews, I have notice something I have in common with most, if not all my books.  They all have a story.  And I do not mean the one between the front and back cover.  I mean a story beyond the pages.  Then i began to think if someone were to come through my house, how many items have a story.  I used to tell people that I could always tell a person’s character by two items in their house: their kitchen and the bookshelves.  For the most part– i was right.  Here’s my example

Homemade Deodorant

1)The Kitchen– After my mother passed, i decided our/my house needed some color.  One of the first places I upgraded a little was the kitchen.  I got a new countertop (which is awesome!) and painted the walls “Ariel’s Song.”  The color made it feel like the beach (same color is in my living room.) There are some major things you can notice about our kitchen…. First, there are a lot of appliances. Most not plugged in, but definitely all in use.  We like to take risks in our cooking adventures, try out new things and have no excuse not to properly enjoy some food.  You can also see that by the utensils we keep.  And the mountain of snack items stacked on the counter.  And I will say—if you come over we make sure you don’t go hungry 😉

2) Bookshelves: in my house i have 4 wall shelves & 4 small bookshelves.  I have several books, mostly about theology, Christianity, some about dog training and linguistics, several old textbooks from my favorite classes.  That’s pretty much what you can tell about me.  Those topics are my number ones. And you can tell which shelves I use the most, because books have creases and tabs in them and some have bookmarks.  And I would argue any book would start a conversation 🙂 I could tell you the many places I got the books from.  Why I got the book originally (which will lead to another story I’m sure) and how much i’ve read/not read/ignored (if at all.)   Also, many of these books have walked with me–seen my travels.  Trust me, some of their conditions reflect so.

So just something to think about next time you get a book.  Or repaint your kitchen

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