Question Marks to the World

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On the way home today I saw a vehicle with “believe in coexistence” sticker.  It goes along with the “coexist” and “tolerance” stickers that I have seen on several vehicles.  And whenever I see these, I get this upset feeling that the platform that tries to push these titles are usually people looking for everyone to side with them.

Tolerance– tolerance is NOT the same as love. In face, love is much more powerful and engaging than tolerance.  Love thinks of the other, speaks truth and kindness and peace.  Not just acceptance and knowledge.  I remember one time in church my pastor stated ‘would you tolerate your spouse or your children?’ or would you say  so and so “I tolerate you”? I know I wouldn’t. I would not say to Shawn– “I tolerate you and your views.” So why would I want to be tolerant? I’d rather love… and so it gets me upset every time i see the sticker.

 Then there’s Co-Existence.  I’m not sure this describes this either.  this doesn’t talk about engagement or interaction.  It just talks about “existing.” I know i don’t want to just exist.  I want to be alive.  And I am thankful that my life comes from the Ultimately Living One but I will glad live with others who are living as well.  Not just existing.  I’d rather live in love than co-exist in tolerance.

Just something to think about … next time you’re driving 🙂

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