Little less than Perfect.

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Today I was reminded of a very important fact– that we as humans are not perfect.  We have issues,  problems, events that change the course of our lives.  And they cause us to make mistakes, act differently than typical– do crazy things.  Remember the time as a child you realized your parents didn’t know everything? I distinctly do…I was discussing with my brother the decisions my mother was making about her health and thought how illogical they sounded despite her ever-present to be “logical.” That’s when my brother indicated to me “you know, mom isn’t right about everything..”  Basically its another way of saying start thinking for yourself but its always a self-reflection sometimes.  Sorry to burst your bubble parents but I don’t think we’re ever called to portray perfected life…so why lay out an expectation for your kids that you can do no wrong? Anyways…
Today this fact caused me to ponder on the biblical view of those we are called to imitate in faith from Biblical-lore.  (Hebrews 11 if you need an example.) Hardly any of them were perfect. In fact, in a class about the prophets recently we discussed how Samson is included in the description of the faithful when he was self-centered and lacked maturity.  David,  despite his sleeping around, killing off husbands who didn’t do what he wanted and huge lack of responsibility– He is highly honored in the Jewish community, regarded as a king “after God’s own heart” and is constantly used in reference to Jesus (a.k.a Son of David) and in his lineage.  (listen to the older christmas songs…)
What does this tell us about God? (yes, everything is a theological question to me)
What does this tell us about who we are? And Who God is working/making/made us to be?
1) We are NOT perfect and we are therefore NOT God. 
2) God still accepts and loves us despite this reality. 
3) We can still be present before God despite our imperfection.
Think again back to Genesis (people should really spend more time in this book–its just JAMMED with things to learn) — even after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, God felt for them along with providing them with what they needed (clothing.)  And though He banished them from the Garden, it was the consequences of their actions.  
Advise?– Don’t let your perfections, either of you or your parents, let you down. 

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