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Part Two!–here it is!

So I know it is a PURE coincidence that I want to post blog about divorce right after I just got married… It was also shocking to discover the verse I wanted to discuss in this blog was a part of my previous blog on marriage.  God working…who knows? 🙂 But I suddenly got this feeling that something productive needed to be said about the topic. Let me also preface this by saying that I have nothing but love and compassion for my friends who have sadly experienced the horror that can be divorce. I know it is never an easy process and for some not an easy decision given the circumstances.

Still… I think the Bible can provide a lot of insight on his subject. And definitely a lot of insight on what to do if a marriage has strayed.

One of my favorite chapters in Mark talks about divorce and what as Christians we are called to do. Mark 10: 1-12 states the following

At first this verse appears threatening and accusatory. However, look at where Jesus begins. He begins with reality–with truth.  With honesty.  A good quality and philosophy to have while married.  Then he continues with a reference to creation…To Genesis where God creates woman out of man and explains the beautiful connection that is marriage.  Finally, then Jesus points out that divorce is a sin against the one who the person was married to.  (just a reference, not an accusation.) However, if I was listening to Jesus, hearing the words of Genesis… i would be saddened and would feel the heart to the same conclusion that Jesus comes to describing divorce as adultery.  You don’t need to even be married to see this… just talk to the 50% of the population who has experienced divorce (Christian or not.) Pain. Separation. Anger. Hurt…. things opposite of being in a good relationship with another and reflectively with God.

So, I just wanted to say I pray that I always keep both these last blogs (on marriage and divorce) always present in my mind.  It is the biblical way of reminding me of my commitment to Shawn.  It is the truth and how the Lord calls us to reflect marriage.  And I pray that the divorce rate goes down… seriously…it does suck.

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