Marwarge….Marwarge is what Brings us Twogether 2Day!….

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In Honor of my upcoming nuptials, I thought I would provide a theology review of the Bible Verses we have looked at using in our wedding.  Here is the collection:

Genesis 2: 18-24
Psalm 100
Song of Solomon 8:6-7
Mark 10:6-9

Genesis 2– This is probably my most favorite verse about marriage.  Because it IS the verse about marriage.  It describes how it is God who tells the man it is not good to be alone.  And Man is thankful for the woman even though she came out of his side (ouch when you think about it…literally) and he is also thankful.  I think these are some things we can take with us in regards to marriage.  1) nothing is possible without God. I know Jesus said this–but I know from personal experience when I went to God to talk about my relationships, they were a lot better then me trying to control something.  2) it is not going to be easy.  Coming out of a side is something only God was able to do without seriously causing damage to Man and now (after the Fall) it cannot be done without God (re-enforcing #1.)  3) We are to be thankful.  God has given us someone… we should be responding in gratitude.  (FYI Thank you for Shawn God :))
All of these are good things to remember.

Pslam 100–
well, continuing on with thankfulness… Psalm 100 is a psalm thanking God for his love and goodness.  It is a good reminder in marriage to always respond to God in praise and thanksgiving and to be thankful for those He has placed in your midst.  Not that complicated in my mind…

Song of Solomon — Though there are examples of God’s love throughout the Bible, there are some biblical examples of what love is between a man and a woman.  Song of Solomon describes this… and I think for marriage, obviously, its helpful to see a picture of what it means to love the one you are married to.  These emphasis to major components in my mind…. being sealed by love and what love can do.  Love seals together the marriage (all three kinds of love, mostly eros and agape of course)…  then the biblical writer describes WHAT love is… how it can be crazy and wild, not material, everlasting and enduring.  When one marries, obviously you are not going to know your whole life… but what you do commit is to LOVE, which means to endure and to last.  (since i’m writing this after the wedding partly i arguably say LISTEN TO YOUR VOWS…. they are meant to be a declaration to your spouse of your commitment of marriage to them.  I know this sounds contract-like, but you do make a promise before God and your family (at least in my tradition) and therefore it should be taken EXTREMELY seriously…

& Mark 10— I’m going to leave this verse for the next blog. I know the suspense will kill you but it does reference the Genesis 2 verses above as well as deal with my next topic of discussion.
God-driven I guess, I wanted to mention I started this blog post before the wedding & while waiting to get on the plane to travel home AFTER the wedding the idea for the next blog came to me.  Guess you’ll have to come back and check it out!

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