Moving Forward

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With the wedding now less than a week away… I figured it was an appropriate to discuss the several things that are moving in my life.

1) Massive cleaning out & distribution of unused items in my home. Donating clothes, giving my food I know I could survive without to those who need food, period, and items that are getting replaced with wedding gifts either selling in a yard sale or donating. Because I do not need 10 skillets.  And definitely do not need all the old towels my mom used for years when people are graciously giving us new towels.

2) Finally came to the last stick of deodorant which is resulting in purchase of items to make my own deodorant . I got the idea from a friend’s blog (check her out! ) ( Actually she has a lot of suggestions about homemade and simple living….highly recommend following.) and I decided I was going to give it a try.

3) I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what God wants me to do with my education. Especially since next year I am graduating with a masters in Theology with biblical studies emphasis and want to have a career using this in some form. I am looking at getting a Ph.D. In religion from Claremont Lincoln university with a Hebrew bible concentration & looking at literary-historical context. I believe this will take a little more preparation and A LOT more praying.

4) oh by the way…I’m getting married. That’s a step forward, right? It’s been crazy busy trying to get things all together but finally last night I realized…  I was going to be that person everyone would be staring at saying how beautiful next Saturday.  It was a brief moment, a surreal moment where you realize its really happening… the wishes and dreams and play time as a kid where i always wanted to be the bride getting married…. (i was 19 when I had my first boyfriend), lets just say it feels good to have a good man loving you in your life.

Shalom in Christ my friends!!

One thought on “Moving Forward

    YBIC Dave said:
    April 30, 2013 at 02:13

    I'm still reading, so check that one off. Blessings in ALL your directions.Oh, and one important thing to whisper to your husband on your wedding day:"Happy wife, happy life!"Congratulations and… LOVE!

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