Going back to the Greener side

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So for several years (yeah, again the hippie in me coming out)… I have been trying to live out a life more in line with my beliefs.  If God has given us our lives and everything in it, we need, nah, we are almost required (at least for me as a response for God gracious goodness) to be good stewards of our time, our bodies, our minds, our stuff.  And if that makes me hippie, well hand me over my Birkenstocks and my flowers.

Anyways– a few of friends have several suggestions and I noticed writing down the next steps will help me move onto better stewardship as a Christian. So here it goes::

1) First things first: all worship for God requires prayer. So I pray that God will guide me in this search, in shedding old skin and old habits and push me towards living as one of His stewards.  Without God in the mix, none of this makes sense.  And may all the glory and goodness go to Him alone. amen

2)  Personal Habits::
   A) more energy, more life— I really need to star exercising more. And I don’t mean locking myself in a gym 24/7.  I mean walking outside, walking my dogs, walking other dogs that need it.  Get back to riding my bike where I can and realizing that the purchase of my slightly used Honda pilot was for transporting the animals and people I love, not for taking solitary trips to no where for useless galavanting around.
   B) share, share share!— I have always considered myself overly privileged and therefore want to always be aware there is always something to give.  I have struggled but are trying extremely hard to live up to tithing commitment, giving what I can where.  Yes I run giving across the board (after all before school I was volunteering for a rescue group) and I want this aspect to grow.

3) lifestyle changes
Here is the difficult part.  I have grown in a community that lives solely many products not only whose ethical and social decisions are horrendous but create products that are unhealthy as well.  Though I will review and modify this list due to life events… I would love to start making things from home.  I already have 4 citrus trees and planted 4 more fruits trees and am going to try diligently to figure a way to have a vegetable garden with 2 50-70lbs dogs roaming the backyard all day… (Highly considering building a green house.).  Here some items I’m working on changing:

—Deodorant – saw someone’s recipe, going to try. I have had tremendous problems with allergies and skin and know that natural, homemade skin products are beneficial as well as practical.
—skin products: now, because again of health concerns I already she’ll out $$$ for products never tested on animals and safe. But again my friends already living elements of this lifestyle make their own lotion and lip balm.  I was VERY intrigued about making this. Plus it’s my nature to make things and as I like to say it get “crafty.”
–Food: I want to be making my own bread, peanut butter (or butter of choice less some nuts I have cross allergies to) and veggies.  Now, this will take some time as I also don’t believe in wasting the items I have already purchased.  So I will use/eat what I have (or give to those who need as I have some friends in need of food more than myself) and move towards making my own.

—Stuff… I tried doing this a few years ago after attending a summer Bible study… Thanks Dale & Stacy …. Where I worked at buying products by companies in line with my faith.  I have the resources, I also have several friends toner ideas from…  So now I feel more prepared and going to work on this element harder. And for kicks and because my future husband and I love science…. Making my own ice cream 🙂

So this is only a start.   Of course there will be times I slip, and it will take getting used to several of these changes. But I believe God is bigger…and with Him, He can hopefully help me to become a better steward and a better follower of Christ.

Shalom, my friends, shalom

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