Guilt & Service… the Struggle

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Today I attend church (not a surprise, just stating a fact)… and after attending and sharing some time with someone about the sermon, I decided I would gently blog on a topic that is hard for anyone, but I think especially pastors and those “serving” in the church proper… the call to service.

Today’s gospel reading was from Luke 10:25ff… aka the Good Samaritan.  Its a common story, very powerful and dramatic and where I think Jesus provides an excellent view of how we are to live as followers in the world.  Just to recap ( —  its where one of the expert Law jews was trying to catch Jesus & asked him about how to get eternal life.  And the expert eggs Jesus on about asking who is your neighbor.  And then Jesus points to do likewise as the Samaritan took care of the one in need.

Now… biblical speaking–it is clear there is a call to serve.  And I do believe that as Christians we are all called to service.  But it is extremely hard to call others to serve with you without pressing upon their guilt.  We had this problem in shepherd rescue… a request for more to volunteer frequently made me feel like I wasn’t doing even though i was doing what I could.

So how does one teach/preach/call service?? on top of that stewardship (asking for money– which in these days is a lot hard….) I am glad our pastor pointed out this morning it is doing what you can… doing what good you can do because the world needs everyone doing good, not one person trying to do it all.  But it still can one feel guilty if you think you are not doing enough.  My fiancĂ© stressed the important part—remember that your service should come from the Word to Love God, Love One Another.  I think that is the key to emphasis to serve.

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