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Something interesting happened today.  I went to church (that isn’t the interesting part.)  And i was intently listening to the sermon today because they were in Isaiah 55 for the OT verse because my paper for Prophets is dealing with Isaiah 40.  And in the midst of the sermon I noticed something.  Another theme of the Bible… then the idea of the blog/book came to me.

Whenever someone in the Bible questions the thoughts or plans of God/life, God responds in a very consistent way.  He talks about how He is the Creator of the world, how we, as creation, cannot even begin to fathom His thoughts or ideas but that there is no need to worry—only to Trust, Have Faith in Him.  Here are some examples…

Job (look at God’s response when Job finally cracks)
Isaiah 40:27-31 & 55:8-11
 or even when God reveals Himself.  He states ” I will be who I will be” meaning that God will determine His character, not humans or manmade concepts.  There are countless examples of God explaining Himself as the Creator in the Bible.

And you want to know what a Creator does? (just in case God throughout history saving & redeeming His people isn’t enough…) look at Genesis.  God takes chaos, takes nothing not only creates the world, but creates everything living thing including humans.  In fact, humans became special to God. (Genesis 1 & 2)

So when you think about it …. its kind of neat.  God, the Creator wants to be with His Beloved Creation.  And the Bible is the documentation to show how God has done this.  It may or may not be historically accurate, but they are the complete stories and tales we have to understand how God works.  It could (meaning this does not apply to all biblical tells) be like fables: stories with a moral teaching.

anyways… I just thought this was an interesting thought… along with the idea that God is demonstrated as a warrior.  I’m glad that God knows what He’s doing because I sure couldn’t handle everything He works with/handles.

(p.s. if anyone steals my book idea above… i want credit :-P)

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