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Once again, blog delayed.  In order to proper blog– must keep up to the daily thing.

So, I figured since the Christian’s year starts just before christmas… what better time to restart the blogging! And as I write this, I am watching the ever christmas favorite “Muppet Christmas Carol.” ( )  And the reason I prefer this version of the time-honored Dickens’ story is 1) The Music, 2) the Muppets and 3) the Message.   Here are the reasons why….

1) Music
       The music for MCC is unique.  For once a Christmas movie doesn’t take the traditional songs and bash them or take the department store songs and play them over and over.  The songs I believe are written for the movie, involve both the storyline and the characters (which is part of the reason I watch this version.)  It reminds me of Jim Henson’s funeral…the Muppets (including Big Bird and Elmo) were part of the service. Here’s a link 

2) The Muppets
      Unlike most muppets movies, this is one that uses the muppet characters as characters in the Dickens’ story.  In fact, Gonzo is Dickens with commentary from Rizzo the Rat.  Kermit is Bob Cratchet, Fozzy as one of Scrooge’s employers.  Working with the humans (which, btw Michael Caine makes the best Scrooge, especially after you think of him as Batman’s butler and so forth…)  I think as a kid using the muppets made something familiar understandable and enjoyable.  Something we probably need to remember as a life lesson somewhere down the line.

and the most important….

3) The Message
    Now–the Christmas Carol message of giving and selflessness is standard.  You expect the ghosts, you expect the change of Scrooge.  It’s part of the tale.  HOWEVER… most christmas carol stories are afraid to play this out.  Afraid to even describe it.  But with MCC, Dickens (aka the Great Gonzo)  is narrating the story… so there is no adjustment from the book (minus creative interpretation.) MCC also incorporates the traditional muppets message of peace and giving.  Hence the ending song “the Love we Found…” It points to the importance of what Christmas leads to: the gift that came, the selflessness act of God coming as a child in Jesus.   Something unique to christmas stories.  Yay for Muppet Christmas Carol…

Yay for Jesus!

So remember the true meaning of Christmas…. and enjoy your christmas traditions that bring you there…

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