Busy Busy Busy

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Again I apologize for the far and few posts… Seminary has become a lot more busy this quarter since I have a total of 4 papers, 1 presentation and 3 full books to read within 10 weeks. I didn’t sign up for this because it was easy though… it just takes a lot of time to get through all these things

But blessings be! I have finally turned in my candidacy paperwork! Last Thursday to be exact. Now I am beginning the initial interview processes and psych evaluations which again, takes more time. Luckily these are necessary things I don’t mind doing since I truly feel God is calling me this way. There’s a joy and peace I only experiences when I’m at school or within “church” which seems to be lacking at work
Hopefully when I get a break at the end of March I can write something more in-depth and reflective 🙂

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