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So this quarter at Fuller I’m taking another Systematic Theology class. Except this time of tryingto understand the many facets of God & the Trinity & what it means to be human, we’ve moved onto Christology (study of Christ, who He is & What He has done) and Sotierology (the study of salvation.) Say that 3 times fast.

Now–I will admit something I have never really thought of– though I am a Christian I have really evaluated my thoughts about Christ. I know, sound silly. Usually I think I throw my thoughts about God into the bunch & include Christ (because I think of the 3-n-1 more together all the time) but this class is causing me to really think of my definition. Not to question authority, just to think. Which has lead me to thinking about more of what I believe and what I believed I’m called to do.
There are many names & adjectives for Christ– Victor, Liberator, Savior, Lord, King of Kings, Prince of Peace… and all of these names really shape who

Christ becomes to a believer. I have realized that speaking truth (Scripturally speaking) of who Christ is will encourage those who are listening. Let me explain this better: I have been reading about Liberation theology–a thought that Jesus is more of a liberator for those being oppressed. Personally I believe that this is who Jesus is/was/will be all along. I mean, didn’t Jesus do this in the Bible sorta? Doesn’t what Jesus does in the Bible show He sets the captives free!? So my initial reaction to that liberation theology ends up being “well of course, duh…”
But I have become to realize that those who are oppressed, the ones it is directly affecting, need and should point out who Jesus is to them… because that is the real point. Jesus is real, His love, His death, resurrection. And to make it real people have to connect (something I would argue that 90% of the world refuses to do because of the effort it takes and the commitment it might mean) And as someone who wants to go into ministry… I suddenly realize that me learning all this stuff (which I love learning anyways…) is to eventually be able to show how Jesus and God and belief and faith and all that junk people think seminarians and ministers and priests learn that is too beyond their minds is actually what matters, what becomes important….is actually what they want to know, hear, speak, … LIVE.
So in layman’s terms… I am beginning to figure out why this all matters. Because though I love knowledge and I may have a gift of learning knowledge, God has created me to be able to use that gift. So, I think i’m getting somewhere…

2 thoughts on “Just some Rambling again

    Meshy said:
    January 13, 2011 at 11:52

    Great rambling! Oh yeah… Love the picture… :PBTW: It's Meshy AKA Michelle! I'm apart of a Sims Blogger page for Medieval creations! I've checked out all your posts (hope you don't mind!) I love them all! Keep it coming!

    YBIC Dave said:
    January 13, 2011 at 11:53

    Oh, my! Read my recent blog entry at:http://www.messiahyl.com/news/alive-in-the-spirit-blogSee how Nadia Bolz-Weber approaches who Christ is. It seems VERY topical for you, right now.

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