New Year–New Stuff

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Hello everyone,

I apologize for the long awaited update. November was a busy month scholastically and December was just insane between finals & my long awaited sinus surgery. However, I figured as the New Year begins today (welcome 2011!) I would start off by updating my blog.
My first semester of seminary was fantastic! I think I enjoy the people the most. Everyone is there to become better equipped in whatever ministry they are doing and there is no hesitating claiming Christ out loud of praying in the middle of class. Sometimes I wish all learning in school was this exciting but we all know that’s just a wishful dream 🙂 I begin classes again for Winter Quarter on Monday– again back to the 3 nights a week after work and lots of reading & studying. In fact I just ordered my last books for class. I’ve never been so excited about all of this.
On a second note I did experience some wonderful things over break. One of the most amazing services ever was one of my seminary friends had her ordination. In addition to see the Bishop throw his hands up in praise while in his fully robs it was just an amazing service to watch someone publicly proclaim their ministry for the church. Keep in mind I grew up in a Methodist Church where ordination was 1 ceremony a year with everyone as opposed to other denominations who are ordained when they reach their church or ministry field. It was truly amazing!
Well, I’m outside @ Victoria Gardens right now and “cold” is beginning to define what I feel like. I will leave you all for now.
Shalom In Christ

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