Out of the ordinairy

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As I write this, I am hearing the buzzing of bugs & the chirp of crickets. yes folks, I’m in the South. South Carolina to be exact. Even though I am currently attending Fuller Seminary, the Lutheran candidacy requirements 1 year residence at a lutheran seminary so I am visiting Lutheran Southern Seminary in Columbia. This is a complete change from what I am used to. Even for what used to exist in Evansville. I feel completely out of my element & confused beyond belief. Yet… someone confused me for another student about 1/2 hour ago… as I was coming back into the apartment they are letting me use for the weekend. I’m really excited about this– I think it will all unfold as planned tomorrow when the event actually starts. And luckily there is a Lutheran church in walking distance that doesn’t have service until 11am! Wow… I can sleep in!

I don’t know what God is going to show me. I still feel he is calling me to Fuller–that I see revealing itself in my classes & fellow students. But at the same time I was walking around campus and noticed the amount of people who love dogs (dog stickers on cars, in the windows of apartments) and think that these people too may also be good. Maybe that is the message. I will have to spend some time digesting it.
Well, back to studying. Despite the “mini-vacation” (if you can call it that) I still have work to complete by Monday/Tuesday for classes… isn’t seminary exhilarating!

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